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duffing up is the female equivelant of beating up, or kicking ass. It's not so violent in a sense, and to a certain degree. It usually involves excessive screaming, clawing, pushing, and shit-talking.
ali is effing duffing up mandy, alis guna win, mandys so screwed.
by Ali Lansing July 15, 2006
rather large
lengthy or big
often bigger than massive and enourmous,
a combination of the two words expressing a great amount, volume, or area of something.

often used in shock.
ali: dood paz, he was effing emassive, i was in shock
paz: he was that emassive?
ali: when he pulled out i started!
by Ali Lansing July 22, 2006
A goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows, or near above. In America they are typically called "bangs". Some people can pull of a fringe (ie. me) while others look simply ridiculos.
your fringe is cute, cut to the side like that.
by Ali Lansing July 15, 2006
short for ridiculous
Your games are ridic, quit it.
by Ali Lansing August 13, 2007

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