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adj. a state of sudden yet subtle arousal
"Carla, don't wear your thong with those jeans..it gets me all hot and bothered"

"I was so hot and bothered by his manly looks, I couldn't stand up"

by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
1) short for retard when your too tired to type

2) Stan's dad in the South Park epp "Make Love, Not Warcraft"

3) The 2 girls next to me in English Comp
{Sirog Fredriksson 23:54}: so miley cyrus and hannah montana are the same person??
{Kitty Hirsch 23:56}: *yawn* yea
{Kitty Hirsch 23:57}: sirog ur such a rtard

Stan's Dad : You've been on your computer all weekend. Shouldn't you go out and socialize with your friends?

Stan Marsh: I am socializing r-tard! I'm logged on to an MMORPG, with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using teamspeak.

Stan's Dad: I'm not an r-tard.
by Ali Butz May 05, 2008
1) a state of being that resembles chemical impairment in which life is good because it sucks and pain does not exist.....till the next morning

2) feeling you get after consuming a glorious amount of vodka without a hangover or vomiting

3) drunk
" After her b/f broke up with her, she sang and danced like a whore...clearly in total Vodka Afterglow."

"The guy that just tripped over your car was in total vodka afterglow."
by Ali Butz May 03, 2008
When your brain hurts from thinking too hard.
{Sirog Fredriksson 11:23}: so if i try to build a new prim along with the old one then link the object to the old prim that has just been unlinked what exactly will happen if i place a script in ROT: 1, 04, 2 and ANG 90, 3, 2 and then use a Sculptie texture on it?

{Kitty Hirsch 11:46}: omg....i've got a brainmatisim now, ty.
{Kitty Hirsch 11:46} and to answer your question nothing b/c the scripts won't compile, and you can't place a scultpie texture on multi-prim objects
{Sirog Fredriksson 11:52}: ty....
{Kitty Hirsch 11:53}: my brain hurts....
by Ali Butz May 28, 2008
1) n. a person, object, or thought that gets you hot and bothered

2) n. fetish
"To me, panties are my biggest bothermant"

"True, Nick McCarthy is hot, but Alex Kapranos is more of a botherment"
by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
adj. the sound a person makes during coughing
"Hearing the loud jicama from the other room, I knew Billy needed his inhaler."
by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
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