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107 definitions by Ali

A very large, irresistible dick
Everyone wants Caleb's piddledo.
by Ali April 01, 2005
when someone has some f***in nasty breath!
dude your breath stanks!! you must have halitosis!
by Ali June 22, 2004
A friend from MySpace. Similar, and almost mocking,the way you referred to a friend from www.friendster.com as your friendster.
He used to be my friendster, but now hes my myspacester.
by Ali January 25, 2004
the act of being bad ass
"i like Roger Clemens bad assness"
"you gotta show your bad assness"
by Ali December 10, 2003
not nidhi...not idiots but nidiots! group consists of nidhi (of course) clara, abby, ali, margaret, and sum1 else, but cant remember. nidiots r awesome and only tru nidhis at heart can become them. (look up Nidhi)
idiots that start with N
cool chicks w/ a capital N!!
by ali October 22, 2004
A jew broad who resides in Bancroft hall
Stop being such a stampfler and loan me some cash
by Ali February 18, 2004
Clean Water
This is cleaklawatt
by Ali November 02, 2003