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4 definitions by AlgernonFTW

An old-fashioned sounding way to say "bullshit."
That's a load of horse hockey!
by AlgernonFTW June 04, 2009
64 13
The act of taking out and using a $100 bill to pay for something. (Due to Benjamin Franklin's portrait on the bill).
"That'll be $96."
"Ooh, looks like I'll have to bust a Benjamin on this one..."

After you hand someone else a $100 bill, your friend might say:
"Damn son, who busted a Benjamin?!"
by AlgernonFTW June 01, 2009
7 1
The depression suffered during the part of the year when your favorite sport is not in season.
"Hey buddy, why you so down these days?"

"I have that thing... you know, Off-seasonal Depression Disorder. Baseball doesn't start again until April."
by AlgernonFTW September 20, 2011
2 3
The level of boredom that is so extreme, you begin doing things that are entirely shameful and embarrassing. Sounds the same as "Rock bottom" in a Jersey accent, anyway.
You've officially hit rock boredom, buddy.
by AlgernonFTW October 14, 2010
1 3