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A queer and extremely rare condition that affects the ankles, causing them to shrink remarkably and give the impression that the sufferer is actually hovering above his feet.

When infected with this disease one is exceedingly embarassed to display one's feet in public, and their countenance is often kept a closely guarded secret, sometimes even more so than that of the buttocks.
"Sebestian never takes his shoes off, even on the hottest days."

"Yes, I've noticed that. Perhaps he has reubankle."
by Alfiecake July 14, 2009
The South African Province of Natal is highly renowned for it's curries of phenominal heat, flavour and spice content.

The Natal Shart is a shart done after consuming a considerable quantity of this Durban delicacy.

It has the consistency of weak tea and is oft accompanied by a savage burn and possible rawness of the sphincter.
"After I ate that terrible curry, I did several agonising Natal Sharts."
by Alfiecake July 14, 2009
A leather casing about the foot.

Not to be confused with sandal which is a nylon thong twingst the toes bottomed by a nylon base beneath the remainder of the foot, which is oft found languishing at the end of the leg.

The shoe is also used as the primary weapon in the attacking kick strategy. This method is commonly used against small dogs and shins.
"John kicked me with his safety shoe's on. Now I have a bruised ankle."
by Alfiecake July 15, 2009
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