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4 definitions by Alf Hart

The act of fondling a womens breasts and fingering her vagina
Hey Bert did you fuck her behind the bike sheds last night ? No man but I got tops and fingers.
by Alf Hart December 01, 2007
63 13
The act of performing oral sex to a woman's genitalia in a hungry fashion removing all secreted bodily fluids
Gertrude came in my mouth as I was plating out her pussy
by Alf Hart December 01, 2007
12 3
Someone who thinks it's hilarious being a fuckwit.
Hey bro that diddley doink over there just shat his pants and thinks it's funny
by Alf Hart September 21, 2008
2 1
Small balls of dried shit hanging from ass hairs.

Bert just wiped his ass and found some tagg nuts !
by Alf Hart September 12, 2007
5 4