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A soft, smooth, flexible, leather that is pleasant to the touch.
Alex's headphones have gooch leather on them
by Alexander Spengler January 22, 2008
Throbbin Noggin is a game played by two persons. The two players will negotiate who goes first. The person who chooses to go first will place their finger tips on the others forehead, pull back their middle finger, and then release it, causing the finger to impale the other's forehead causing much pain. After that, it is the next persons turn to unleash upon the others forehead. This game can be played for however long depending on how long the other can hold out.
Mike is eager to play Throbbin Noggin with anybody foolish enough to play with him.
by Alexander Spengler January 22, 2008
The thin pre-mustache that is clearly visible on the upper lip of an adolescent. A slang word for a Hispanic person.
Mike has a blond dirty.
by Alexander Spengler January 22, 2008
(Verb)-When one beats, hits, kicks, smacks, etc... another person. to romp someone means that you beat them hard causing pain. To land hard on somthing. To fall soo hard that one produces a "whoooomp" sound.
Mike loves to romp anybody who he is angered with
by Alexander Spengler January 22, 2008
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