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Most people think: Were all the same

The truth is: We have simialr interests.

Ex: Yes, we do like dinosours and robots. We do like skinny jeans and bandannas. We do like hairbows and trademark names and hello kitty and rainbows! So what?? In reality, most of us liked these things before we ever even heard of the word scene. Only posers will just start to like these things because to them it is a "trend".

Most people think: th@t w3 t!nk w3 hxc s0 w3 t@lk l!k3 d!s, n!99@.

The truth is: were actually very intelectual.

Ex: Yea, maybe sometimes we DO talk like that, but we dont overexadurate (hope i spelled that right) it. Most of us are smart, and we do have futures.

Most people think: that were obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves

The truth is: We love photography.

Ex: Yea, we take all of the pictures with the wierd angles and we take alot of them, but, coinkadinkaly, we alot of us love photography. Its just one of the things that make us "scene".

People think that: Were all little bitches

The truth is: were actually pretty nice

Ex: Ok yea, some of us may come off as rude to you, but think about this: were you rude to us? If your rude to anybody in this world than they are bound to be rude back, its common sence, love.

Most people think: Were concided

The truth is: we are confident

Ex: Confidence is the key, love. What is wrong with being confident. Being insecure isnt fun, for anyone, so basicly what we say is "why be that when you can be this?"

Most people think: were whores

The truth is: were not

Ex: We dont even know what your talking about, here. So what if we show a little skin? That proves nothing! From my view, most of us are virgins!

NOTE: What you think about scenes are usually just definitions for posers.

Hope this changes your mind.
A poser would say:

0MG!m s0 sc3n3xc0r3, @nd r@d! th@t sh!rt y0ur w3@r!ng !s S000 st3ll@r, n!99@

A real scene would say:

Heyy, what's up? OMFG I <333 that shirt your wearing in your pic, its so vouge!
by Alex_Abnormal January 17, 2009

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