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The act of preforming anal sex to a girl. Then you slide down a flight of stairs with her underneath you. you have to try staying inseted while going down the stairs and pig squeeling at the same time. Pretty much the best sexually oriented thing ever created.
dude i totally Hungarian Bobsleded susie and now she has rug burn all over her tits hahahaha.
by Alex27 February 09, 2007
to put a girl in a triangle choke "a UFC submission" where her head is in between ur legs and your choking her. She sucks on your dick from this position and you dont choke her. but once you explode in her mouth you tighten up your legs and make her tap out and allow her to spit.
Dude i gave this chick the greasy triangle yesterday. Bitch tapped out so quick.
by Alex27 February 09, 2007

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