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when you poop in the toilet and the impact of the poop hitting the water forces water to wet your botox
"Man that was a big one my ass is soaked"
by Alex P December 07, 2004
someone who attempts to jackhammer or dropkick or do other hardcore moves to a girl
ALEX: Gina iam gonna jackhammer you!
GINA: Flipin bieerdow!
by Alex P January 30, 2005
She is the most absolute coolest/hardcore person in the world and i love her!!! Her bro farted in my face it was gross
Dale: Hey alex look!(farts in alex's face)
Alex:Eww man that was like gross!
by Alex P January 08, 2005
a thuggin` mexican rollin on 13s
Holy shit look at that bebe what a cunt rag
by Alex P March 11, 2003

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