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4 definitions by Alex Lee

a simplified way of telling someone to shut the fuck up because you don't give a shit.
"lolz hey! it's me! i'm not morbidly obese anymore!"

by Alex Lee March 02, 2005
Popular personage; prep
I hate Nick he became such a fucking loofer.
by Alex Lee November 23, 2003
(1)to search franticly through a tight space for a certain object of worth.

(2)the process of touching your bunghole to feel if it's clean, often performed by blind people
"I fingered through this girl's vagina in persuit of my favorite pencil."

"I'm so tired of fingering, they should make it eisier to find the toilet paper when your eyes don't work with brail everywhere so my finger doesn't get so pootie."
by Alex Lee March 02, 2005
A word you can call a friend or family member to tell them you respect them.

Although it is Nutter when using it in stress you should pronunce it 'Nuttah'
"Lol oh man dude, you're such a nutter."

(Yelling across the hallway)"Jack! I think you're a Nuttah'!"
by Alex Lee February 19, 2005