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to make one have an orgasm during sexual intercourse (veeerrryyy good one)
"break me off, show me what you got, cuz i dont want no oooone minute man" - missy
by alex May 20, 2003
(Computer geek)
Science boffin

Origin: Boffin was a common colloquial term used in Britain during WW2 for the technical experts, the backroom boys, who were helping to win the war

An affectionate term, but with some practical fighting man’s scorn for the academic brain worker

Those boffins are always studying for their exams

Lindsay is such a boffin
by Alex October 21, 2003
Hottest girl In the school. Unique yet mysterious. She is always looking great, and in style. She has damn wicked style. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. Hot. WOW.
Mairead is the most beautiful girl ever.
by Alex December 27, 2004
Someone paid or in service to protect and/or do the physical hardships of another.
"Joe's got a hired muscle outside his bar"
by Alex April 28, 2003
Ohh man i just blew my load in your mom's mouth.
by Alex February 24, 2003
only the cutest prettiest and coolest person in the world!
that girl totaly wishes she was as cool as madie
by Alex March 27, 2005
Speaking both English and Chinese in one's sentences.
Example of a sentence in Chinglish:
"At K-mart, I buy -hen duo- clothes."

"hen duo" means very many in Chinese. Also note the grammar error.
by Alex January 18, 2004

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