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5 definitions by Alex!

A whore that looks like a horse.
1) a whore is a slut.
2) a slut is a whore.
3) Go fuck ur self lmfao
Ew dude, shes sucha whorsa
by Alex! December 19, 2004
small yet intimidating, evil character. turn your back and he will hit you on the head with a bottle or prod you with a pen. He also plans world domination in his hidden lair (his room)
"that bdul should be locked away from the world"

"when bdul attacks"

"the world will soon be mine. ALL MINE!! MUAHAHA!"
by Alex! December 15, 2003
1: Slang for Paul McLean
2: A really k00l mo-fo
3: Likes to reminisce about fucking cunts
4: Likes to lick male ass
1: Hey Xaul you fuckfuck, get over here!
2: Xaul! Your fucking car rocks!
3: Xaul, get back to work, and stop thinking about my sisters cunt!
4: Oii Xaul, get the fuck outta brady's ass man, you gotta get back to work!
by Alex! February 14, 2005
a word used to describe how good sex was, or how physically appealing someone is.
Last night with Tracy was sexcellent.

Mmm, look at her, her body is sexcellent.
by Alex! October 06, 2003
a homo sexual who humps dead things.
My mom almost ran over a pussbag while it was humping the squirrel in the road
by Alex! December 19, 2004