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Literally: Thank You

This how Red Necks say thank you in Spanish. It is a phonetic transliteration of "Grassy Ass." The Red Neck attempt at pronouncing Gracias.

Because the attempt at prouncing gracias is usually an honest effort at inclusivity Lawn Burro is way of gently referring to people who are kind hearted but don't quite get it.

Sometimes replaces De Nada.
Among a Spanish Speaker and Souther non-Spanish Speaker who are friendly:

non-Spanish Speaker, "Grassy Ass"

Spanish Speaker in reply, "Lawn Burro"
by AlephNautical November 08, 2010
A technical term combining the ideas of difference and frequency. Now used in regards to the predictable unpredictability of individuals – particularly women. The term has its origins in the writings of Daniel Webster the Elder who was the godfather and inspiration for the name of the famed lawyer and American Revolutionary war figure.
1. The problem for planning a maintenance schedule is that we know customers will be very differency in the usage.

2. I don't know what to get them for Christmas, you know they all have to have their differency even if they are sisters.

3. It isn't that he isn't fabulous. Fashion just hasn't caught up with his differency yet.
by AlephNautical December 12, 2013

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