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a phrase use when a come back has been said and cannot be beaten.
LOZ: you're so fat you have got your own postcode.

Jimbo: Do i look like your mamma?

by Aleksandar Lozanovski May 14, 2007
An exclamation used in reference to a stupid comment.
Mikey was playing soccer and broke his leg, now he has to roll around in a wheel chair.

fred: mikey isn't a cripple

therese: jeez-a-loo
by Aleksandar Lozanovski May 17, 2007
A term used by muzzas to indicate a moment of enjoyment. Originated from the two words, koota and barramundy (barra) hence kootamundi.
Muzza 1: Phoah! did you hear that vl dose?
Muzza 2: Yer bro, that was kootamundi
by Aleksandar Lozanovski May 31, 2007
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