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Sword of Ezekiel's family, said to be the most powerful sword in the land.
"The sword of the fallen shall rise again" -Ezekiel
by Alecrein January 26, 2004
Second in command to Lord Alecrein. Strongest General in the alkey army, known to have the brutest of strength.
Quote known to be heard "Twas, my claw that killed your brother"
by Alecrein January 26, 2004
Lord of the Alkey. Mystery shrouds this creature and rarely have people seen it and lived. Legend says he can transform into a human form at will, thus making him harder to find. Many brave warriors have fought him none have lived. If given a chance he would slaughter all humanity, may that day never come.
Quote only heard once, by the only survivior of his first known onslaught: "Cry, Blood country your blood will spill tonight"
by Alecrein January 26, 2004
Archerer, Ezekiel's Best friend. Second to none in Bowsmanship.
"What do you mean bows are weak, let me show you"
by Alecrein January 26, 2004
Fastest of the alkey, said to possess the speed of the gods. Thrid in command to Alecrein.
Known to say "Speed,Fast, and swift, you will die before you dare"
by Alecrein January 26, 2004
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