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a.) slang referring to the robotic movements associated with breakdancing.
b.) slang referring to the robotic movements associated with popping a double espresso shot and locking yourself into a morning workout routine.
It was 6 am and he couldn't stay awake. Then he had the supplies to pop it and lock it and had no other choice but to stay awake and go to the gym.
by AleclikeBaldwin November 04, 2010
A format of parenting where time of responsibility is divided among the parents (e.g. "You're with your dad every other week/weekend).
He considered sharenthood less of a responsibility than parenthood because he only had to be father a few days a month.
by AleclikeBaldwin October 16, 2010
1. Someone that spends enough time in different bars to be able to tell you which place has good nachos and which place has REALLY good nachos.

2. Someone that knows the food/bar special schedules for different bars (e.g. Taco Tuesdays, Wednesday Wings, Thirsty Thursdays).

3. An alcoholic.
His advanced hindsight with respect to our choice of appetizers indicated that he was a bar foodie, or at least had been here drunk on more than 10 occasions.
by AleclikeBaldwin October 15, 2010

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