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1 definition by Aldolf

Capital of Wales, grey scummy city with the hottest gash in the world. i.e. where the girls look the exact mathematical inverse of their surroundings. Not as multicultural as other cities, more of a work hub for valleys people who travel to the capital due to lack of employment in their own towns. Hence Cardiff is generally home to some of the finest welsh poontang on the planet. A notable mention also goes to english students who make up a fair proportion of the city centre's youth population. Cardiff University attracts not necessarily the brightest students, but without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful girls from all around the United Kingdom. A must see for any male tourist, though certainly not for its architecture. Be wary of going out on a Friday/Saturday night in the city centre; it is much better to just soak up the sights during the day time, when the main shopping street is packed to the brim with exemplary gash.
miroku: So, er, made any nice purchases today?
Hot Cardiff girl: Yes, I bought a handbag and I found a 9 ct gold plated hoop earring outside the job centre plus


trim: yo, blud, did you know dat in cardiff city centre dey upgraded job centre to job centre plus? dat's well good bruv, now I might be able to find myself some jobs ya get me?


PUA: excuse me, i just saw you from over there and i think you are adorable. i had to come over and talk to you. what's your name?
Hot Cardiff girl: I'm 15
(PUA runs away)


Cardiff University is a quality academic research institution. It researches every single hot gash in the United Kingdom and uses special magic academic powers to attract them to Cardiff, in order to provide the males with the gash they need to study effectively.

by Aldolf July 24, 2011