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When girls get together to go out and have fun
"My man and I broke up...lets have a GNO!!"
by Alchiwhore4life December 11, 2004
when girls go out together (GNO) and get drunk dressed as sluts amd whores, willing to do "anything" to get anything free.
"I'm drunk, I don't care, I'm thirsty...where's the guys at?"

"If I flash you can a get a free drink"

kissing a nasty valet guy to get free valet parking

flirting with 70 old men to get into a strip club

letting nayone rubbing your tits for a drink
by Alchiwhore4life December 11, 2004
a cute nickname for a dick
"is your dingleling hard"

"i wanna suck your dingleling"
by Alchiwhore4life December 11, 2004

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