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Showing not much interest towards a situation or event that has happened or may happen.
"Sorry man i lost your wallet"
"Oh well, goes to show what kinda things happen when i trust you..."
by Alastor December 13, 2004
A man born to lie daily.
Enjoys lying and pulling pranks.
Gets his way through lying.
Gets through school by sleeping with teachers.
Jo-Jo loves basketball but wasnt any good. He lyed to the couch to join the team
by Alastor December 11, 2004
A person who gives themself to someone that knows there son through the internet. Event such as this may happen reguarly.
Ryan is addicted to the net. Ryan met Rod. Ryan told Rod where he lives. Rod uses the Internet to see if Ryan is playing NWN. Ryan is playing NWN. Rod screws Ryans mother.

Ryans mother now shares the title with few women in the world. "Ravanas Mother"
by Alastor December 10, 2004
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