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9 definitions by AlExSwOrD

A tall thin figure, not much is known about him. became famous in a random blog. he has no face and many arms. also known as the operator.
the slendor man can be found in such youtube blogs such as marble hornets and everymanhybrid
by AlExSwOrD August 21, 2011
a game where a group of friends ask eachother in turn 'truth? or dare? and once either truth or dare is chosen they haft to tell a truth or answer a question truthfully after choosing truth, and of dare is chosen they haft to carry out a dare that someone gives them.

(truths cannot be taken back and dares cannot be skipped or passed on and if done so YOU live with the shame)

in this game a lot of fun is carried out sometimes loves are shown friendships are broken and things are regretted, but in the long run a great party game to play.

clare: so david truth or dare?

david: erm ... truth

clare: ok ... do you think im hot?

david: ... yeah


conor: so sara truth or dare?

sara: im going to go with ... dare

conor: i dare you to run around the garden twice
by AlExSwOrD August 08, 2010