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do you guys know lily lazor??hahaha...he is the guitarist of the finnish band HIM!!
he is one of the best guitar players in my eyes!!
lily lazor is also known as daniel lioneye!!
keep on rockin´!
by akasha August 31, 2004
A place for nerds to go when they want to feel less nerdy about themselves.
Did you see those crazy people at the larp? Man, they must have no lives. *goes back to playing magic cards and dnd in dark, secluded rooms*
by Akasha January 20, 2005
someone who loves the cheesecake, see also alcholoic
Man, dont be such a Veritas.
by Akasha February 28, 2004
damn...she is such a beautiful actress!
she seems to be very nice....and cute...hehe!!i nearly saw every single movie with her!!
best role:interview with a vampire
the movie deeply is also very good!!
and i would recomment the virgin suicide!that´s an awesome movie!!
kirsten dunst is one of the best actresses on earth in my eyes!!
by akasha September 01, 2004
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