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1. The list of people you want to fuck before you die despite overwhelming negative odds; Rachel McAdams

2. The list of people you hope crazy voodoo shit happens to; crazy downstairs Russian lady who bangs on the floor with her broom
Father: Raquel Welsh and Sophia Loren are tied at the top of my fuckit list, what about you?
Son: Rachel McAdams...who the fuck is Sophia Loren?
Father: "Who the fuck is Sophia Loren?"!! Son, you just made my other fuckit list.
by AirplaneDonk November 07, 2010
A person's chin which lacks definition or strength of character.
Guy: Hey Donald Trump, all of your children have bitch chins
Donald: Ya they do, and my son is a total pussy too
by AirplaneDonk September 25, 2010
any Bible-banging organization that "helps" gay people become straight; usually by going gay for Jesus at camp
Guy: I love Glee!
Another Guy: You need cock detox.
by AirplaneDonk November 10, 2010
the ninja move Jesus used to get back to heaven
After the reincarnation, Jesus reverse-parachuted back to "heaven" (scientifically known as the exosphere)
by AirplaneDonk November 17, 2010
a publicly audible whisper, usually because a guy doesn't know how loud his voice is.
(sometimes intentional)
"Goddamn look at that girls panties peekin' outta the top of those jeans!", he said to his classmate in a manwhisper.

The girl had heard and immediately adjusted her pants up above her waist.
by AirplaneDonk November 15, 2010
A queefy poontang
"Damn girl, u got a gassy snatch"
by AirplaneDonk August 16, 2011
When watching porn becomes suddenly much more interesting because someone starring in it either is, or looks exactly like, someone you went to high school with.

Usually followed by downloading a hard copy of that porn and archiving it to show other former classmates.
Guy: Dude, I was on YouPorn last night and I recognized this chick I knew from high school. Anyways, I couldnt stop watching!
Guy#2: Classic Zack-and-Miri Effect, did it end up being her?
Guy: Ya, her stage name is Britney Ray!
Guy#2: Sweet!
by AirplaneDonk January 07, 2011

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