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Located in South Asia. Next to India. A very beautiful place, used to be called East Pakistan but won independance from Pakistan more than 26 years ago.
Wow bangladesh is beautiful man!
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
A holy city for Muslims. Located in Saudi Arabia. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived in Mecca once.
I have to go to Mecca to make hajj.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
The language spoken in Bangladesh. It is the 5th most spoken language in the world.
I forgot how to read and write in Bangla because I moved to the US.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
a sect of Islam. Majority of muslims are sunni. 80% of the muslim population are sunni.
I am a sunni muslim like most muslims.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
Indian actor. He kind of started the whole bodybuilding and six-pack thing as cool in India.
Omg, priya did you see Salman Khan's body in that new movie.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
1. Dallywood is the hollywood of Bangladesh. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka and, so the "D" represents dhaka and implies the movie town of Bangladesh.

2. It prodcues the crappiest movie anyone has ever seen. The actresses are all fat and 90 years old. Tries to copy Hollywood and Bollywood but messes up big time. Only poor low class people watch it now.
Man, did you see that crappy movie from Dallywood.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
DIrector/Producer of indian movies. Makes really good movies and had a lot of blockbusters. Recent movies include Veer Zaara.
Man yash chopra makes the best movies.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
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