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referring to sperms in a condom, letting you know that the girl cant be pregnant from you
Madgina:"bae im pregnant!"
Brian:"NO the fuck you aint, I seen all my Unborns in my fitted cap girl you trippin!"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010
to have condoms and planning/ready to have sex
Davon:"Oh man them girls over there is ready to get off you in?"
Tbo:"Hell ya dawg, plus im suited!"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010
the right size condom
Hakim:"last nite was crazy I woke up and this ugly hoe was in my bed."
Davon:"did you fuck her?"
Hakim:"I think so my fitted cap was in the garbage with my unborn in it"
Davon:ahaha man you fucked her!
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010
To have sex with random people with ease, having no problem saying yes to sex with people who are good at it.
Davon:"man kiesha dont care who she fuck!"
Tbo:"nawl dawg she just a get off"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010
a sex position in which the person girl ass in the air but the guy is fucking her in her pussy!,

a demanding way to ask for rough, careless sex
Davon:"Man is you gon boot up or what
Angelica:"yes boy daym"
Davon:"that wat i thot"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 20, 2010
is in question form of GET OFF, having sex
Davon:"Man is you getting off?"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010

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