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Guy who thinks he is so good at NBA 2K but in reality, he is just a scrub. Often picks the thunder claiming they are his favorite team.

Uses Durant on every play possible. Plays with the thunder because he doesn't have a chance with any other team. Foolishly thinks he is the best.
Tim : Darin you trying to play me in 2K?

Darin: The last 5 times we played I skunked you. You feel Like losing again?

Tim: Imma get Durant and I'm gonna win this time.

(*Thomas gets Skunked in first quarter)

Darin: Now that's 6 times.

Tim: Maaaaaannnnnn! You got lucky again homeboy!

(*Cycle continues)
#tim #basketball #thunder #nba #2k
by Agentzero2400 September 28, 2011
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