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2 definitions by Afternoon delight

An anal saliva produced after a firm stool. Sometimes moist, sometimes crusty, residual soaked in anal hair as a result of leftover nuggets from last weeks dinner. Advisable to be trapped between ones forefinger and thumb before bedtime. Cleansing of the hands is a nicety, but by no means necessary to create finger butter the next morning. Otherwise a blowback to 70s butter. Bastardised use of the term rectum butter. Back in the day was called a 'kling on'. TUCKERS TIP: No matter how dry ones toast is, never use in place of cow butter. Best removed by foreplay. sometimes called ass junipers
Mummy mummy, my toast is dry, do you have any of that recto butter daddy always talks about?

No son, if your too young to produce your own, get some cow butter.
by Afternoon delight September 13, 2007
The usual look of a male who is well-practised in the act of self guzzling of urine. Can also occur when the male has induldged in the gulping of another man/woman/guinea pigs yellow release. It is also necessary and useful to start with a white beard, as dark tinges tend not to show the yellow twinge that makes this effect so thrilling in shady arenas.
Daddy daddy, why is your beard so yellow?

I spent all evening near the downpipe of the urinals, so now I'm feeling spritely and want you to call me papa yellow beard.
by Afternoon delight September 13, 2007