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a Nigga Excuse is just like a regular excuse, but is dumbed down into a form of Niggadome. Nigga excuses often stem from, but are not limited to, Nigga moments, i.e Nigga situations, which then require nigga excuses. Nigga excuses often times only make since to Niggas and the Niggas that come up with them.
Example of Nigga Excuse

Man 1 : " Yea i shot dat nigga!"
Man 2 : " Why?"
Man 1 : " dats nigga stepped on my fresh Jordan's" " I had just bought 'em"
Man 2 : " Word man, I would've did the same thing"

( Man 1 & Man 2 share fist-bump)
by Afrotastic June 24, 2010
Something you say when your losing an argument, saying it both gives you the last word, making you feel like you won, and leaves the other person confused.
Person 1 : " Didn't I tell you to wash these clothes?!!"

Person 2: " I did"

Person 1: " Not just yo clothes, Nigga!" " My shirts is still dirty!!" " I gotta go to work"

Person 1: " F*** yo Jacket!!" ( Walk of scene)

Person 2 " Nigga, WHAT?"
by Afrotastic August 13, 2010
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