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This is the process by which a Black person acknowledges another black person's presence in a social environment where black people are scarce or otherwise absent. These environments include places and events like: lacrosse parties, ice hockey games, early morning classes, Russia and The Ku Klux Clan Annual General Meeting.

Blacknowledgement is a show of solidarity and support indicating to another black person that you understand their social anxiety and feel their inner torment.

A blacknowledgement can be executed using anything from a simple nod to a well executed six part, click and snap, integrated handshake. In less friendly situations, a blacknowledgement may be used as a territorial gesture. It can be used to signal to another black person that you are the resident black person in that environment and that they should cower off and find non-black friends of their own.
by Africanlegend October 22, 2009
A Whitepology is the process by which a Caucasian excessively apologizes regardless of whether or not they are actually at fault. This phenomenon is most common in Caucasian women. It is often directed towards other races and sees its root in the Caucasian's need to act in a socially acceptable manner at all
Example of a Whitepology

Girl receives a baseball bat to the face "I'm so sorry, are you ok? Did you sprain your shoulder swinging? Did you hit me where you wanted to?

"You hit me when I was parked at a red light. But look, I totally apologize for providing you with the opportunity to hit something. Next time I'll be more considerate."

by Africanlegend October 21, 2009
The process of camping out on Facebook like an imbecile , constantly hitting the refresh button on your web browser waiting for new activity to occur. Meanwhile your life flashes by.
John: Has Jim been on Facebook all afternoon?

Jason: Yeah, he has just been refreshbooking all afternoon waiting for new status updates.

John: That's lame.

Jason: Very....

by Africanlegend August 29, 2010
Sexcalation is the process by which sexual tension keeps escalating between two people who insist they are “Just friends” to the point where shenanigans are inevitable. The unique quality of sexcalatory situations is that the principal imbeciles are in total denial of the mechanisms at work and hence appear completely oblivious to it.
James: I thought they were just friends!
Jill: Yeah but very soon it sexcalated into something more than that.

Mary: Honestly, everyone knew they liked each other, sexcalation was inevitable.

by Africanlegend January 13, 2010

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