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learn about
"I'm gonna go bone up on my history facts"
by Aeon102 May 17, 2004
1.The excrement of a deity or other religious figure.
2.An exclamation of extreme pain, pleasure, surprise, etc...
"Holy shit!" yelled John upon noticing the monkey in his shower.
by Aeon102 May 17, 2004
Pretending to believe or feel something
Teacher:"Now say you're sorry"
by Aeon102 May 15, 2004
1.The BEST search engine
2.To look for something using the search engine google
3. a one followed by 100 zeros
(#2) I'll google the civil war for you
by Aeon102 May 15, 2004
New art. Often very blunt and simple.
A piece of canvas painted all blue except for a black jag down the middle
by Aeon102 May 15, 2004

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