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One who is useless/bad in bed.
"I went home with some guy/girl last night. He/she was so brutal in bed, he/she was sexually retarded, I had to finish myself off!"
#bad in bed #shyte #nonsexual #useless #bad
by Adunning February 02, 2008
The opposite of being "online".
"My mom is so technologically challenged, she is always nonline"

"Stop living on your computer, work on your nonline life!"
#computer #pc #technologically challenged #anti-computer #off-line
by Adunning January 16, 2008
Two individuals who happen to have slept with the same person. Prevelant in the straight community, rampant in the gay.
Mike and Brian discovered in conversation that they have both slept with __________ (insert name here). Mike and Brian are "bed cousins".
#sex #sharing #doubleup #tradeoff #bedcousin
by Adunning September 30, 2007
Essentially the opposite of hello. When not interested in conversation with another (usually irritating/annoying) person, a simple "Wello" should get the point accross. Wello = "I hear you, but I just don't care"
At this point you are free to walk away.
When Melissa was in another room screaming my name to get my attention...

#goodbye #bye #fuckoff #unlisten #what
by Adunning May 06, 2007
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