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373 definitions by Adrian

The state of hicks! Sure there are some people that aren't, but they are vastly outnumbered.
Texas. If I could end this example there I would.
by Adrian September 28, 2006
University in Belfast.
My first year at Queen's is very fuzzy, it cost me £5,000 and all i have to show is a beer bely and a rash.
by Adrian December 10, 2003
A musician nobody's heard of.
Who the fuck is gavin degraw?
by Adrian June 05, 2007
the subject of 95% of all metal songs. the other 5% are about satan
*insert rambling about killing and satan here*
by Adrian December 25, 2005
Something that really shouldn't be that controversial. Personally, I am against it, but if it's the person's choice, let her be.
Don't have an abortion because the baby isn't planned. It's not the baby's fault your dumb ass didn't use a condom or the pill.
by Adrian August 29, 2007
The most overrated tv show ever.
Too bad friends didn't have an episode named "the one when this show DIDN'T suck"
by Adrian February 08, 2007
A great movie directed by Martin Scorsese that won best picture of 2006. Slightly overrated.
The Departed, directed by Martin Scorsese.
by Adrian April 23, 2007