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Italian adjective literally meaning "...of sheep". Usually used among Italian people referring to a sexual position like "doggy-style".
Facciamolo alla pecorina! - Let's do it doggy-style!
by Adrasta December 29, 2010
Litterally meaning "short little-arm". Italian expression meaning a greedy, penny-pinching person. Someone who doesn't offer anything to anyone or tries to spend as little as possible.
That guy has to get the next round but he just slipped away" - "ah, he's a braccino corto...
by Adrasta December 29, 2010
Italian word deriving from "to scull": to drink (an alcoholic beverage) in a single draught.
Muoviti a scullare quella birra che dobbiamo andare! - C'mon! Scull that beer that we have to go!
by Adrasta December 29, 2010

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