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5 definitions by Adonis

A portable false-vagina thats small enough to carry along with you.
Dude!, you should have seen Kev freak when he thought I found his pocket pussy in his truck !.
by Adonis May 21, 2005
428 115
Similar to beernuts but cheaper. They're just under a buck.
I wanted some beernuts, but only had a dollar. That's why I got the deernuts they were under a buck!
by Adonis May 31, 2005
10 1
A bull without balls
This guy is henpecked. He is a stramboni.
by Adonis November 17, 2003
11 4
A term for breasts that exhibit characteristics similar to that of a walleye fish head.Breast angle and nipple direction close to 180 degrees apart.
Did you se that chic's walleyes, she could probably tuck them under her arms
by Adonis May 21, 2005
4 1
A word used instead of "basicaly" in order to sublimanaly arrouse the person being spoken to.
Liz: "where do you want to go on our first date ?"

Brad: "let's go back to my place and talk, and Baslickme, get to know each other better."
by Adonis May 31, 2005
3 5