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An addictive MMORPG made by Cartoon Network in cooperation with other companies. It features 52 original CN characters at the moment, with more to come in the first expansion, hundreds of missions, 36 nanos (like characters, more in expansion), and more. I recommend you play this game, beat the Future (F2P area), then get a subscription.
Dave: Did you play Fusionfall last night?
Jim: No, that game got bori-
Dave: WHAT!?
Jim: Nah, I'm kidding! I got to level 32 and found and Edinburgh shirt.
Dave: *Phew*
by AdolescentWit June 22, 2009
The obese/chubby friend of a hot male or female that can always miraculously keep them out of a relationship with you. The best thing to do with them is to friend them, then start a relationship up with your target. Afterward, do something that will cause the fat friend to split up with your lover, so that there will be no more of her/him.
Dave: My god man, that woman is soo hot. The things I'd do to her...
Jason: Good luck, man. Her fat friend always pulls her outta here before you can do anything.
by AdolescentWit June 21, 2009
Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus (female sucks man's dick while man eats her out), but while doing so both partners wrap their legs around the others head.
John: That girl is hot.
Jim: Yeah, imagine a 69 hold with her...
by AdolescentWit June 22, 2009
AUFLS: Ass Ugly Friends who will want to Leave Syndrome. They seem to always be around beautiful women, mostly to make your life miserable and painful as you try and work your way around them and to your true target.
Jim: Damn that is one bad case of AUFLS you just got.
Patrick: DAMN IT ALL!
by AdolescentWit June 21, 2009
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