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A girl who isn't on considered to be a girlfriend but still has some relationship with the guy. Often sexual relations is involved. However, for the girl, she may consider the relationship to be of the dating status. Yet the male considers it only as a friendship with benefits. To the guy, it is more of a booty call. Sexual relations does not define the term Low Key Honey, as it more relies on the male's viewpoint of the relationship. A girl can still be considered a Low Key Honey even if she is aware of her status. The term is very synonymous to Main Squeeze. It is also possible for a male to have multiple Low Key Honey 's.
Guy #1 - "Yo, are you and (girl name) dating, because I heard you guys were hooking up."

Guy #2 - "Nah man, I'm keeping my options open, she just one of my Low Key Honey's."
by AdmiralAckbarr7 December 03, 2011

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