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2 definitions by Aditya

To be part of or being withing the framework that defines the greatest puppy empite to grace this planet of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. let by Rajah pepwaaj this empire flourished and conquered most of the quadrants known to explored galactica. Rajahs untimely departure has left little to report now, as the mediator is in denial not willing to accept reality. Simba Jagdterrier is rumoured to be grooming for succession but no word has come of it as yet.
The pepwaajan empire is our only hope.
by Aditya August 27, 2003
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Hellit is a slang word,that combines Hell+It in a word.Similar to dammit,but better.
Hellit!I lost!
Hellit!Theres something on me.
by Aditya March 21, 2005
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