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3 definitions by Ade

1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

2. Basically, FRAUD
Babatunde: ah-ah Bayo, from where u get dis fine TV, system and CLK?

Bayo: It be 419 now
by Ade November 03, 2003
104 71
n. (New Iowan Philadephic) 1. That which things might be "up in."
2. Any thing which could be found "up in" any other thing.
3. House, crib, pad.
4. A marijuana cigarette
5. Any thing, esp. one for which the proper name is either understood or irrelevant.
We went back to Kitch's jeaun to puff a jeaun, but there were already like four fuckin' jeauns up in that jeaun.
by Ade August 14, 2002
29 4
Inhabitant of a typical run down council estate comprising of identikit semi-detached houses with stone chipped walls complete with rotting window and door frames. Hi-rise flats and maisonettes are also often found in these appalling shit holes which can be found in almost any city in the UK.
A Ronker’s home will usually stink of dog & cat piss and carpets will be thread bare; the original fabric pattern almost totally lost in the thick black greasy grime trodden into the ancient carpet. Other furniture will equally be worn and dirty, often most of it stolen out of skips and the council dump.
Ronker homes are easily spotted from the outside with the main giveaway being the 3 feet long grass in the garden with car engines, old mattresses and televisions with the screen put through amongst it all. Finally, to top it off, copious amounts of dog excrement can be found on the garden path and around the front door.

Appearance wise, a Ronker can be spotted in the wild by the greasy hair, dirty skin and clothes and generally scruffy appearance. When in close proximity, you will find that they typically smell of a mixture of body odour (because they never get a bath) dirt, chip pan grease etc. They will usually have more than the average offspring which grow into chavs due to their parent’s lack of education, alcohol addiction and complete lack of any skill to enable them to get a job. Their language consists of the average commoner’s vocabulary stringing sentences together such as ‘get the f*ck in here now you little c*nts before I dek yah!’ when calling their kids in for their tea, playing outside in the burnt out shell of a stolen XR3I on the deteriorating, cart track like street.

Ronkers are thieving dole scroungers, scruffy bastards, have no personal hygiene and are the biggest contributors of turning a pleasant area into a complete shit hole. They are the very low of society and should be avoided by normal people.
A Ronker can be found in any inner city council estate. Just go to the most run down area you can find and you will see what I mean. Can also be spelt as 'Wronker'
by Ade October 16, 2005
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