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When you have to poop so bad, when you sit on the toilet, all your crap shoots out of your butthole like a shotgun. Somtimes happens when your sick and you have diarrea.
Dude 1 - "Dude i just took a shotgun dump"

Dude 2 - "Are you sick?"

Dude 1 - "Naw, i just had to go real bad"
by AddamsAppleDude January 23, 2010
Originated from England, meaning "Moat Digger".
"I got a new Throgmorton yesterday"
by AddamsAppleDude January 05, 2010
When you have to take a piss but your right in the middle of doing somethin, like watching a movie at a movie theater. So, what you do is go to the bathroom and force your pee as fast as you can out of your body, and go back to what you were doing.
"I was right in the middle of the movie when i had to go pee. So i ran to the restroom and took a Speedy Piss."
by AddamsAppleDude January 23, 2010
A tall Asian with a smaller then average penis, plays football and is afraid to undress in the locker room and/or parents wont let him play M-rated video games.
"That dude is Asian"
"Naw, he is Daulton"
by AddamsAppleDude January 03, 2010

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