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Demob is shortning of a military term for the demobilisation of military forces, came about in in 1945 when the british armed forces were sent back to blighty and therfore extreamly happy.
It's my last day of work before my 2 week holiday and I am Demob happy.
by Adam Higgin November 21, 2004
Something would be described as a "bit Heath Robinson" if it were disorganised, disheveled, messy, or just tottal chaos. Heath Robinson was an artist from the 1930's he used penicl to draw very vivacious works of art, which in the untrained eye would be described as messy.
"Its all gone a bit Heath Robinson"
by Adam Higgin December 07, 2004
Rammy referes in the south of england to something that is dirty of disheveled condition and unhygienic.
That old sleeping bag is totally rammy.
by Adam Higgin December 03, 2004
The slang for a small village in Lancashire England called Ramsbottom also know as Tupsarse
I going to do the Rammy mile tonight so I'll have a massive hangover in the morning.
by Adam Higgin December 03, 2004

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