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Probably the best police enforcement team known to man. This team consists of Arcot Ramathorn (Ram) and Rod Farva (Rod).

They spend most of their time patroling the dangerous highways of Vermont.

You can occasionally find them eating at their favorite fast food joint, "Dimpus Burger."
Farva; "you didnt say 'car ramrod'"
Ramathorn; "oh, i forgot"
Farve; "but i wrote it down."
Ramathorn; "oh yeah.."
by Act As If January 01, 2005
One of the best interviewers on television today. He appears on the show "MXC" (most extreme elimination challenge).

This man is very in-depth with his conversations, and can do it with great humor. He puts any other "on field" sportscaster to shame.
Guy le Douche should have recieved an award for his stellar interview with the lady on the "meat handlers" team.
by Act As If July 18, 2004
The best beer to get you drunk, fuck fat bitches, and even fight a nigga or two.
I drank a 12 pack of Samuel L. Jackson and nailed this fat bitch. After her boyfriend showed up with his crew, I kicked the shit out of them.
by Act As If June 10, 2004
A female with an gigantic rump. Usually an African-American....
Holy shit, did you see Tamika today? Dat bitch has got a tank ass.
by Act As If July 08, 2004
A substitute for the word "dick". Used to describe somebody who is a straight up jackass for doing a foolish action.
You doke, I can't believe you just drank that beer bottle full of piss.
by Act As If July 08, 2004
Used to desribe a female who has bad physical features. Also called a "nightmare".

ex... face, weight, etc.
Damn, that girl is nasty lookin.. What a trainwreck.
by Act As If July 08, 2004

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