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3 definitions by Accufeel7

Large Hawaiian or Polynesian woman. Not a term of endearment.
Whooa brah! Look at da thighs on dat bumboocha.
by Accufeel7 November 23, 2007
3 7
Dunce female, akin to a scatter-brain. Used mostly in Hawaii and amongst Puerto Rican immigrants to the islands.
What a boba! (She's so stupid or dunce.)
by Accufeel7 September 28, 2007
5 22
Left-wing liberal Democrat.
Jim: Are really stupid people allowed to vote for the president?

Bob: Yes, of course.

Jim: What happens when a lot of stupid people vote?

Bob: Oh, then a Democrat gets elected!

Jim: What a bunch of baboozes.
by Accufeel7 February 14, 2008
12 49