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A student, alumni, fan, or follower of the University of Alabama. Originating from the fact that even Forrest Gump gained admission to Alabama; this definition also highlights & explains the inherent stupidity of most Bama fans.
Bama Fan: I tell you what boy, dem Crimsun-Tiiide gonna WHOOP SUM ASS DIS SEESUN!

LSU Fan: I would rank the Tide, at best, third in the SEC West this year.

Bama Fan: I reckon' I didunt hear you, I'm busy polishun our TWELVE national champee-on ship trophy's!

LSU Fan: You haven't been relevant in years, and most of those championships you claim are, in fact, illegitimate.

Bama Fan: Nuh-uh.

LSU Fan: ...fucking Gump.
by Acadien August 10, 2009
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