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someone who loves rock music and rocks out to meaningless headbanging aceness. the long hair, the leather, the attitude, it's where its all happening baby! s'all about the rebellion baby, rock n roll!
fans of many heavy rock bands, clad in leather jackets, flowing locks of hair, and a bad-ass attitude. stick it to the man!
by Ace March 09, 2004
The under rated guitarist for Journey. AKA TFRG.
He plays almost a Neal Schon lead.
by ace October 21, 2003
fo fo, a .44 calibre gun
nas: "where so many souls go, because of a fo' fo' blast"
by Ace September 23, 2003
The act of releasing vile waste.
Be careful, Kyle just Buckled in there.
by Ace February 16, 2005
when one pulls on his penis
i just yanked my chicken in my bedroom
by aCe August 11, 2003
Similar to a Cincinnati Bowtie, a turkey helmet is the act of sitting on a face, with your nutsack and dang on the other party's neck. Preferably, your asshole will be atop the point of the victim's nose. In this position, your scrote resting on the neck will look like a turkey's fleshy neck.
After that fucker that disrespected me at my own party passed out, I pulled down my pants and gave that dicksucker a serious Turkey Helmet. Talk about hilarity!
by Ace June 19, 2006
like a slampig, but for girls under 13
my little sister is big slampiglet
by Ace April 13, 2004
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