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People sometimes say this at the end of they're sentence, meaning you get me.
"Nah i went round to Shekka's ouse innit"
by Abz_Da_Fit_1 June 28, 2005
A ruddi is half chav half skater, he/she would be a mix between the two, by the way they act and the clothing they wear.
"Easi, scott, you're turnin' in to a ruddi mate!"
by Abz_Da_Fit_1 June 28, 2005
A yardi is a lad that wears shirts with the collar buttoned down and normally greyish coloured trowsers, and he would be wearing Rockport shoes.
"A up, look at that yardi over there!"
by Abz_Da_Fit_1 June 28, 2005
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