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A combination of existing words 'touché' and 'douche'.
The word 'touché' is used in popular culture and general conversation to commend someone on a clever response or counter point to an argument whereas 'douche' is an insult that recognizes an individual for acting like an asshole, jerk, or douche.
'Douché' combines elements of the above terms and is typically utilized to commend an individual on a dick move.
Example 1:
"When I left the room that motherfucker changed my Facebook status. I commented on his wall: Douché."

Example 2:
Person #1: "I take you everywhere. Without me, you would have no friends."
Person #2: "Dude, I introduced you to them."
Person #1: "...Douché."
by AbstractDoctrine February 18, 2011
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