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Nickname for handmade rope-sandals closely resembling what many arts of work portray Jesus' footwear to look like.
Just got my Jesus Shoes from the nudists. Picked up a jar of their homemade peanut-butter, too!
by Abner July 02, 2006
(1)A female's self-pleasure toy, usually of the vibrating variety.

(2)Someone who is addicted to the cock.
(1)Sally bought an 8-inch cockbot this weekend and we haven't seen her since.

(2)Man, that guy sure was a cockbot.
by Abner May 26, 2004
1) adj. To be extremely intoxicated or in a drunken state.

2) v. To fiercely hit another, normally in the head.
1) I am going to get completely sloshed and slobberknockered tonight at the party.

2) Little bitch started talking trash, so my boy came over and slobberknockered that big-mouthed ass right in the face.
by Abner July 02, 2006
(1)Generally meant as a '1337' shortening for "Oh shit". Often used to get around chat-filters.

(2)When emphasis is put on it, it can be used as a condescending interjection.
(1)osht, i just TK'd.

(2)n00b: hay guyz i just put a magnet to my television and-
Coolguy2: OSHT!?
by Abner May 26, 2004
an unspeakable religious slur of severe hatred which refers to those who lack religion.

as offensive as nigger, wop, spic, jew, etc.
you are a fucking bonk!
by abner November 19, 2004

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