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my hairstyle, 360 waves, usually drives african american women to want to put their hands on.
$15 tapers at Dynasties in Maywood, IL
by Abbott Brooks February 18, 2004
go to New York or Chicago and look up
"I'm as high as the sears tower" -Crucial Conflict
by Abbott Brooks February 18, 2004
Jesus Christ. Born in Bethleham, raised in Navareth, did miracles in Jerusalem, walked on water, pissed off religious people, was crucified for the sins of the world, went to hell, fought satan, whooped him good, was raised from the dead, sits on a throne, is waiting for his enemies to become his footstool. Holla.
Whatcha waitin' on. Get saved. You'll still be cool. I'm saved and I'm cool.
by Abbott Brooks January 28, 2004
Chicago is the windy city. Most people think it's called the windy city because it's so cold during the winter. The nickname originally came about during the 1850 world's fair which was held in Chicago. News spread to New York City from Chicagoans about how grand the world's fair was. Thus, the New Yorkers called Chicago the "Windy City" because of how Chicagoans bragged about the fair and how fast the word got around.
I'm ghetto but I'm informed. I'm from the Windy city.
by Abbott Brooks January 28, 2004
War was started in Heaven when Satan wanted to overthrow God (Good vs. Evil, the one true war). War has since taken on different forms.

your country vs. my country
democrat vs. republican
red sox vs. yankees
what was Satan smokin?
by Abbott Brooks February 24, 2004
A thriving vehicle driven by todays black youth. Despite what people think the future is bright for the race of African Americans. If one thinks about how fast a come up we have made, one would see that the possibilities of a completely and seemlessly integrated society is not far away. Instead thinking of all the negatives, all cultures need to look at Blacks and see a race of people who 50 years ago had no civil rights, not to mention that our first 400 or so years in the Western World were spent in chains. Just think for a second. Black culture in America was established and continued for almost a half-millenium in bondage. We have been free from slavery for only 140 years. Just imagine if we'd been free as long as we were slaves. Yet our incredible progress gets overshadowed by the fact that we have the highest number of inmates in prison and other negative things like that. What's funny is that I hear mostly blacks spew out these statistics. We as blacks need to not only embrace our roots but embrage our incredible progress.
chew on that
by Abbott Brooks February 24, 2004

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