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Short for Prostitute. Used as responce to someone driving you mad, or for a slapper.
Hey, are ye a Tution?
by Abbot August 27, 2003
Person who doesn't move from one end of the day to the other
Hey Statue, are ye confused.
by Abbot August 21, 2003
Otherwise refered to as a builders backside - ie bottom exposing itself from the top of your trousers. Somewhere to Park Your Bike.
Hey, park your bike! Jasus, put it away
by Abbot August 27, 2003
Shocked and pissed off. Usually caused by some moron giving people grief.
by Abbot September 17, 2003
Like scouts, but for culchies. Monaghan boys branch
I bet you were in the farmer scouts
by Abbot September 17, 2003
Lovers of doherty classics (look that up) like Haircut 100
by Abbot September 09, 2003

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