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A loser who has no life and spends all thier time finding new and pointless symbols in "classic" litturature such as the shitest book on earth Catcher And The Rye, Lord of The Flies and The Red Pony
Damn I hate my english teacher. Today she said that Holden's hat represents the state of humanity. WTF its a freakin hat.
by Abba Zabba April 16, 2004
smoke weed and get crunk! YEAA!
hokay so..... lets bake abba zabbas this weekend
by ABBA ZABBA December 19, 2004
stoner candy eaten by peopel who are very very very stoned
Shot son im hungry whip out and abba zabba bar
by Abba Zabba April 16, 2004
code name fo weed biach!
damn homie i need some altoids
by ABBA ZABBA December 19, 2004

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